poniedziałek, 28 listopada 2016

Gryzelda :)

Let me introduce Roman's new monster puppy, Zelda aka Gryzelda :)

She is a daughter of Evo and Nanga Parbat du Pic de Piolou and basically she is Evo's clone. She is very cute, very fluffy and very naughty :D. 

Jahodova Bowle 2016

I'm not the most consistent blogger in the world :), but this weekend I spent at one of my favourite competitions Jahodova Bowle in Kladno and my dogs had awesome runs and one of my friends made videos of almost all of them, so I just have to brag about it :).

We were supposed to go together with Roman, but Evo broke his nail pretty badly (so right now he has no nail at all and an open wound in the place where it used to be) plus Roman has a puppy to take care for ;), so in the end I went with our friend Robert and competed also with Flaszek. I'm really really proud of him - he was focused, he played in the hall, he had fun <3 I really love this dog and we had lots of fun competing this weekend - he even managed to qualify for the final! 

So, two of my favourite runs with Flaszek:

This one was elimination, but cool one :). 

Crazy Brego recently ran into a post during a walk and had a huge bruise on his shoulder - so one week off the exercise, then one week on leash and then finally a couple of days off leash crazy running (and some antiinflammatories and laser therapy in the meantime), but in the end we got a green light for competing from our physio. I was a bit worried about how he will manage his emotions after a break, but he was awesome <3 He's just perfect mixture of being a good mummy's boy and crazy wild monster <3

And Brava... well, Brava is just perfect as always. She was actually struggling a bit with the carpet, but all in all, I would just like the time to stop, so she can stay like this forever, my most amazing, sweetest, yellow doggy <3 Of course she was perfect when we needed it most, so she won the medium final <3