niedziela, 19 lutego 2017

Adult stuff :).

It is an old cliche that time flies, but somehow Mojo is one year old already!

I definitely couldn't wish for a better dog and she is lots of fun each and every day :). Mostly she is also really easy dog to live with. I'm really pleased with all the foundation stuff I did with her, so now that we're starting a little bit more technical training it goes really easy.
I started some weaves training and it was literally three sessions on two and four poles and she was ready to progress to a whole channel, since she was doing so well with understanding various entries even with my movement and one or two obstacles before. Same goes for see-saw training - we're still mostly playing bang games plus some 2o2o position outside the obstacle, but she is such a brave little girl that I have the impression that she is going to master it really quickly. She thinks bang game is hillarious :). 

RC are work in progress and after the winter break (we actually had snow for over a month, which is not so common in this city) the first couple of trainings were not so awesome, but now it looks like we're on the right track again. 

Now actually running sequences is a bit more tricky, but than again, she is so much fun that with all the bloopers you just have to love her <3. 

Yesterday we went for training with Polona Bonac. I really like Polona's training philosophy and great ideas for different games for different dogs, so she is definetely one of my favourite trainers to work with and the one that I really like to observe when working with various dogs. I worked Mojo and Brego in handling and Zelda participated in the puppy training. Brego was awesome, Polona suggested an exercise to help with his collection problem on S-turns, Mojo was totally funny and a bit of a tunnel junkie (I guess it's genetic with spaniels, LOL), but all in all I think she did great, considering that it was her first ever agility seminar and actually first time she ran this kind of sequences. With Zelda we mainly wanted to provide her with positive socialisation opportunity, since obviously she doesn't do any obstacles yet and she did really well as well. No problems with playing in new environment and even less with focusing on a sausage :D. We did little shaping session on puppy sea-saw and a bit of cavaletti work. 

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