sobota, 17 czerwca 2017

AWC qualis

Polish AWC qualis have finished. This year we had three qualis weekends, starting middle of May and then roughly every two weeks, with three excellent judges: Esa Muottka from Finland, Petr Dostal from Czech Republic and finally Alen Marekovic from Croatia. I think they really built perfect courses for the qualis: difficult enough to require independence and good obstacle understanding, but at the same time fluent and fast. So usually there was enough experienced and fast dogs who managed to run clean for the speed to count too (I really hate when some judges build the courses which are pretty much impossible to run with a fast dog, no matter how good and well-trained... but that was not the case here) and I really enjoyed running them. The competition was awesome this year: already after first two qualis there were many dogs who fulfilled most of the qualifying criteria, so everybody had to fight till the very last run. 

I couldn't be happier with my dogs (and actually a bit with myself as well) - Brava did 11 clean runs out of 12 (just one run with an unfortunate bar), winning both the individual ranking and teams and setting time of reference for medium class in 9 of her runs. Brego was incredible - thanks to our greatest physiotherapist Aneta Bocheńska he was in top shape, did 9 clean runs out of 12, one with a bar and one with a refusal plus an elimination in the very last run :D, thus winning the team large ranking amongst really really great large dogs - I don't think we ever had so many awesome large dogs before. It is a dream come true for me to qualify with two dogs again (I only did it once in 2011, Sunday's last and Brava's first AWC...) and especially with Brego. I really hope we can mantain this consistency for the AWC and as artificial grass is the best surface for him I hope he will be even faster there :). 

Evo also qualified for team medium - he is still not in perfect shape after his finger injury, but seems he is actually getting better and better and was running faster on the last quali than on first. We also must find a way for him to lose a bit of weight, but since he is the type of dog who gets fatter just breathing near the food plus he manages to steal something at least once a week, that's not gonna be easy :P. 

So, videos from the second and third qualis (sorry, no videos from the first one):

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