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WCS seminar and meeting :)

I really love giving seminars, travelling, meeting new people and dogs - but some seminars are even more special. Like for instance, I can't hide that I like some breeds more than the others ;). Last weekend I taught at seminar for Runrunrun wockers - and a couple of other cockers. So, after more than I year I had the chance to meet all Mojo's sisters as well as a couple of her cousins and other relatives. It is really rare that you meet so many cool dogs in one place :D. And because wockers are lovely, so are the people who live with them, so we really had the nicest possible time. 

(of course, Mojo is the only serious one :D)

It is really funny how similar all Mojo's sisters are - the same body language, movement, lots of similar behaviours and faces :). Especially Yora is like a slighly bigger and a bit more hairy clone, but she screams on agility course even more than Mojo, so Mojo has to try harder. It was hillarious how they had exactly the same problems on same course :D.
It was also quite illuminating to see so many wockers together. I used to think that working strain of a cocker spaniel is pretty much the same as show line of cocker spaniel, only in a bit more sporty version, but now I think it is not so. Already with Mojo I was quite suprised with how different she is from Sunday, my first dog ever (show line ECS), but seeing more wockers and show ECS together made me realise that they are actually not like two strains of one breed but rather as two different breeds. It's still hard for me to actually express it in words and I definetely still don't know enough to write anything in stone about it, but for instance I can see that while wockers are definetely more high energy, they also actually relax better even in busy environment, are more reserved towards people (not fearful, but actually not so much interested in interaction with everybody), but more focused on their owner etc. So if you have or had a show cocker before and are thinking of getting a WCS, it is a great idea, but make sure you meet as many of them as possible, as you're getting into something new and other that you know :).

And then there was the double icing on the cake: one was meeting Brego's half brother Filou, who is also lovely, although even worse mama's boy than Brego, so wouldn't like to go with us :/

 and the other is that we had the very best photographer for the event, so let me delight you with Aart van Laar photos <3 

(my little beauty, only lacking a bit in the neck department)

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